Cryshooter released!


Hello everybody!

As promised in the trailer, today, November 24, i'm releasing the Cryshooter game. But before i explain more details about the release, let's remember some aspects of the game:

1 - This is an academic game, so it was made focused on implement a set of features from a college work.

2 - The game have 1 main level and 2 other levels. You can walk in all levels as you wish, they aren't accessed by a sequence.

3 - The main goal in this game is not just kill 90 out of 100 enemies, you must do this as fast as you can, this is the most relevant fact.

4 - Talking about enemies, in the rainy level, you will find some allies that will help you to kill them. I'm not gonna describe these allies, but if you want a clue, they're located inside the ruins. This is all i can say, the rest is up to you.

Well, now some instructions about the download of the game:

1 - Below are 2 download links. One is the 7-Zip file (smaller) and the other is the Zip file (bigger). Both contain the same content, so you need to choose just one of them.

2 - After extracting the compressed file, you will find a Cryshooter folder. Inside that folder are 2 files that will open the game, one for 32-bits architecture and other for 64-bits.

3 (Most important) - If possible, please choose the file named as "Cryshooter (64-bit)" instead of "Cryshooter (32-bit)". The reason is because the 64-bit version is much more stable than the 32-bit version.

4 - Additional instructions can be found in the "Readme" file, located inside the folder Cryshooter.

Download links:

7-Zip Format (872 MB)
Zip Format (951 MB)

UPDATE: download links have been updated on April 7, 2015.

I hope you guys enjoy the game. Feel free to post your comments and total time to finish the game. I usually finish it in 8 minutes.


New images from Level 02


Hello everybody!

Today i'm gonna show you 2 more images from Level 02. The descriptions are below each image:

Inside view of the watchtower that appeared at the end of the trailer posted here a few weeks ago.

Image obtained during the development of the game. The camera is positioned outside the Level 02, in a non playable location.

That's all guys. Sorry by the small post, but it is better than no post.

See ya!