Cryshooter released!


Hello everybody!

As promised in the trailer, today, November 24, i'm releasing the Cryshooter game. But before i explain more details about the release, let's remember some aspects of the game:

1 - This is an academic game, so it was made focused on implement a set of features from a college work.

2 - The game have 1 main level and 2 other levels. You can walk in all levels as you wish, they aren't accessed by a sequence.

3 - The main goal in this game is not just kill 90 out of 100 enemies, you must do this as fast as you can, this is the most relevant fact.

4 - Talking about enemies, in the rainy level, you will find some allies that will help you to kill them. I'm not gonna describe these allies, but if you want a clue, they're located inside the ruins. This is all i can say, the rest is up to you.

Well, now some instructions about the download of the game:

1 - Below are 2 download links. One is the 7-Zip file (smaller) and the other is the Zip file (bigger). Both contain the same content, so you need to choose just one of them.

2 - After extracting the compressed file, you will find a Cryshooter folder. Inside that folder are 2 files that will open the game, one for 32-bits architecture and other for 64-bits.

3 (Most important) - If possible, please choose the file named as "Cryshooter (64-bit)" instead of "Cryshooter (32-bit)". The reason is because the 64-bit version is much more stable than the 32-bit version.

4 - Additional instructions can be found in the "Readme" file, located inside the folder Cryshooter.

Download links:

7-Zip Format (872 MB)
Zip Format (951 MB)

UPDATE: download links have been updated on April 7, 2015.

I hope you guys enjoy the game. Feel free to post your comments and total time to finish the game. I usually finish it in 8 minutes.


New images from Level 02


Hello everybody!

Today i'm gonna show you 2 more images from Level 02. The descriptions are below each image:

Inside view of the watchtower that appeared at the end of the trailer posted here a few weeks ago.

Image obtained during the development of the game. The camera is positioned outside the Level 02, in a non playable location.

That's all guys. Sorry by the small post, but it is better than no post.

See ya!

Cryshooter Trailer


Hello everybody!

Today i'm not bringing more pictures from the game. This time, i'm bringing its release trailer.

As i said in another posts, the release date of the game is in the trailer. So if you wanna know, here it is:

Since this is a small game, there wasn't a lot of stuff to show, but i think you'll enjoy the trailer anyway.

More updates will come before the release date, so stay tuned!

See ya!

Details about Level 02


Hello everybody!

As promised, today I'm bringing screenshots from the Level 02 of the game.

The first image was taken from the starting point of the level. In this level you'll have to kill 62 enemies, a number far greater than the Level 01. However, instead of having allies to help you, you'll have a vehicle. How to use it in this task? Well, you can use your creativity or search by Carmageddon on Google =). Anyway, always keep in mind that your goal is kill 90 enemies as fast as you can.

As you can see in the second image there's a tower. I think i don't need to go into much details about it, you probably already realized its utility.

I'll keep working to post here the game trailer still in this month.

Stay tuned for more news!

See ya!

Details about Level 01


Hello everybody!

Today i'm bringing new images of the game. These images are screenshots from the Level 01.

This level is full of ruins, with a heavy rain and 38 enemies to kill.

If you pay attention to the image above, you'll notice that there some characters in the ruins. Well, these are your allies, and they will help you in this level.

In the next post I will bring images from the Level 02.

Stay tuned for more updates!

See ya!

Welcome to Cryshooter!


Hello everybody, welcome to the blog of the game Cryshooter!

First of all, let me explain what this game is:

As the blog title suggests, Cryshooter is an academic game made with the game engine CryENGINE 3. The game is very small, having only two levels, and it was made for a college graduate work focused on implementing 15 features of CryENGINE 3.

Since this is a small FPS game, the only goal is kill 90 out of 100 enemies located in these two levels, in the shortest time you can! More details will be explained in another posts.

I took some print screens of the game, and i will keep adding more of them here every week:

The game is almost finished, and within a few months will be distributed here, for free.

A trailer is expected to be shown already in October.

Stay tuned for more information.

See ya!